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suck çhim in. the more he fought to(çget out6 the more he sank until ÷úhe was compltóly unable to move. uy and qest saying how he zvmade a mistake. im mistakes happen. >> xek=rter: he was take tonight hospital to u!be checke out. ym he was not hurt. ö omedic g# legend soupy sales. he wqsdfamous forgetting smacked in the ymface çwith pi with more than 20,000 pies ç appearances. he was in zvhospice care the la we" and passed away lastho night. the v:news keeps coming. >> what ÷úeveryone ç÷úis ÷útalb about. the 8150-mile d8mistake. northwest -- çthe 150-mile minneapolis from san diego. cvn they overshot their destinations over the wisconsin pstate line before figuring çout what zv happened. faa investigators in çd.c. are
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reviewing the cockpit çrecorde and@oeven though the pi&ts are denying it, some of çthe detai . stacy cohen is working zvthis o out. >> reporter: the çpilots of flight 188 insist ÷úit was zvpa heated conversation over airline ÷úpolicy that caused th to çmiss their mark and to fah out of contact with ÷úair traff controllers for over çan hour and now, t investigators hoping to find the htanswers ç %ç be disappointed. this is the cockpit recorder from northwest fghvbabñand this is the hr
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report çon the incident çsaidú that the captain cheney and first offkciñcole were s cooperative and koapologetic whú interviewed. both insist a çheated argument ituational awareness. ÷úover an hour's çworth of eff by çair traffic controllers top contact them by radio çand çd messages. oth and aviation v:myexperts to bel! that they çfell asleep. scott rice is a biu a -- v:bria deer general in the air u!forceç saying pilots often dealúúwith fatigue ÷úand manage to keep th% passengers safe. >> there is a lot çof technolo involved v:flying the aircraft and htthey're all ÷?retty professional. things happen up zvthere, and i econd htguess any of that çstuff without çknowing happened. >> reporter: koaccording to the airport çpolice in çminnealis some passengers zvat reagan national had hhaless enthusiastic response çto the incident and to the idea v:that
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the pilots may çhave taken a ÷o nap at 37,000 feet. >> think if çpassengers though their ympilots mean falling u! asleep at the wheel or ÷úat the be feeling ç÷.ie safe. i know i u!wouldn't. go ymairlines in ÷úhawaii were missing their airporáhby 15 miles. the report ymon this incident dú say the pilots have been zvtest for alcohol and that u!test camç back negativet kbrian. stacey cohen, ÷úthe news ç in virginia. another story people ÷úare talking about. a man çarrested for being nake the cops ymclaim he's a flasher and hysaid he was çminding hi own çbusiness. omeless, jobless and hisex pis threatenning to cut zvoff visit with had ht-- hisex is ÷ú with ÷úhis daughter. >> zvreporter: he said his çli is falling a paymsince police ç
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entered the springfield çhome whereee dipqb with çseveral roommates. not only was hehstographed and fingerprinted b5uohe claims police çcalled his employer. >> before i was çout of jail, they zvçcalled my place of oo- phoned me when i'm out ymof jai sang [ need to leave the house çimmediately and not abl >> reporter: çwilliams said th police barged into the hthouse early monday morning ttwithout warrant v:and with guns drawn, took çhim to çjail. ÷ú5-year-old girl said that >> it's on an ant ÷súrm. i am in my home and nbnot expecting people to çwatch me constantly. ÷úi never stood in front of ÷úa window for a ÷úpurpose. nd getting ready to çmove ÷úcoffee and break person pointed the e d=l+erately exposed himself ç canvassed the neighborhood looking for panyone else who maç
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have çwitnessed the behavko$9 sentenced to çcontinue --en toagers is sentenced to ç10 ç years in prison. my black was stabbed to death úhis ho -- 16-year- old daniel t::harrested for ç soliciting a friend ÷úto çkill black. is that friend used -- prefusee and another friend is charged with ÷úthe murder. he goes on u!trial next year. >> d.c. çpolice are zvlooking people who ymsaw the stolen cra tinto this house and htran off. ight. the home owner g#had just gone m upstw%m, wasn't hurt. frican art and some of pit was destroyed. home owner çis waiting zvto he from her insurance ymcompany. the hunt is on in maryland for a man who zvbrought a loade handgunt)ha zvhigh school. shawn yancy tonigháf the suspect got away çand not çbefore dropping his g#loa weapon. the hiettsville police got [a call around 4 about a ym suspicious man at çnorthwester high school. çonce police got, there the ç started running.
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he got ymaway but officers ÷úsam dropped a ÷úloaded .9-llimeter 3 handgun. he never made it inside the school and no ÷úone was hurt. htthe u.s. asimoving forwarú with plans to çexpedite roman poaski. the formal request was filed with çthe swiss government çl night. polanski 6l the u.s. after pleadino guilty to having sex 3 with a ÷ú13-year-old girl in á last month. ö a close call for v:two teenaged zvbrothers who jumped hird floor window u! of the apartment building afterç the neighbor's unit pcaught ym fire. it happened ymon peachtree southwest. the teens decid"urjump out the window kecause they were #.t;heped the çdoor. the boys çages 15 and 16 were ç not seriously ÷úhurt. the fox ym5 storm force ÷ú÷ç tracking rain ÷úymin our region n zvçd8what p
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is çgoing on. everyone has got know ÷úlight o moderate rain shower çthrougho evening and if you zvhththaven' chances are you're ÷úgoing to g 4-êpgd thunderstorms, believe i or not, begyndto set up and ove ym÷úon through and ymthis  maxhd radar and extendinw i=5 the district çto çthe north ac northeast and across zvthe rain this ymççlooks mo$ote rain, t and çinto saint -asvz:hcounty. watching that and track çto th n-heast as lpwell. p)ger picture gives you an idea. a big çpocket of rain ÷úis ymm on and there is more ç development to çthe west- southwest and there çwill be a chance of #gpassing showers remaining ymovernight tonight a otherwise, ÷úmild and eventuall tomorrow morning. the wibsspeeds up around 10 to m 20 and thunrstorms, as i ;0@6c mentioned in the forecast and xwe get better for g#sunday an we'll show you when u!the
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thunderstorms are going to çco through tomorrow in the ç complete forecast, brian. ÷ú11 days nbuntil virginia voters head ç÷úbto the polls tç cahe visited çflowers çand gi s talking about ways to pcreate u!them. the latest average of ympolls shows çmcdonald leaving çhis democratic opponent kree deedsa than 10 çpoints -- ç÷úpoints. >> we have çbeen very strong with our staff ÷úto say look, w we're 10 points çbehind and ç working hard. meantim l
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a masshdrobber ÷úthought a pharmacist was çan u!easy targ why the victim decided to v:fee back. did ÷úyou notice anything acebook page. why it ÷úmade zvchanges. inally made ÷úit. friday night. a quick check çof the rundown. not all. whavis up ÷úwith the redskin retiring? at 11:25. i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment,"
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and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast.
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>> workgr& bailed zvout banks ÷ú after they issued --d federal %=1ñover y issued --d federal banks. the central bank wants d8to notç only review compensation polibyes at large financial firms çbut also a çsmaller regional and v:community banks. school çofficials are -i(- fears. students at$çhoward county elementary d8school started getting ÷útheir vaccines today, schools. today, the cdc announced çthe virus is çwidespread, 46 stateç are seeing significant ÷-95 which çwere died from th flow in the çunited states ç april. died. >> we're goingi.rit as it çou larger çschools first ÷úto get most kids ças we çcan. >> in ÷úvirginia, a limited amount got handed çout to whoever ÷úwanted it. between thtwo citiós/ there
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in all, the çplaces, çpthe they're coming çin and the ç clinics don't know çwhat they getting zvuntil they arrive. just in time ÷úfor the holiday ymseason, the airlines again. ko >> and a pharmacist becomes'úa ! crime fighter. how one man managwd to feet ço a pknife-wielding robber. how does this çlook =9hu e
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. >> did you see it, a minnesota fallaivity is. a masked man went here and went behind the counter to try to fill up the bag with drugs. he said it's not going happen. >> i saw an opening and picked up the stool and clobbered him with it and then i went for the knife. if he had a gun, it would have been different. it was a funky butcher knife. he disclotted -- located his thumb, cut his hand. going to be all right. the robber ran out the door empty handed and still on the loose. friends of michael vick hope they came up with a lucky 7, using his jersey number as the name for a sports team restaurant in virginia.
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andre kendrick said vick doesn't have a financial interest in the business but he promised to stop by the restaurant next month. facebook, made a few changes again to your home page. plus, getting around town might be tough sunday morning. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. beginning with the changes to the first social networking site is making to simplify your life. number 5, making it easier for to you know birthdays, anniversaries and what the friends did over the weekend. facebook is tweaking the home page to make it easier for you to find information. and before -- helping you keep track of your child. best buy will sell a gps tracker called little buddy. small enough to fit in the packet, backpack or and can alert parents via text message when a child leaves a designated area. number three, another reason to exercise. you already know that working out will keep you fit çand tri
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researchers at the university of illinois said it will make you mart. they say a 30-minute walk for adults or 20 minutes on the playground for kids can increase brain activity by 5 to 10%. number two, airfares are growg up. major u.s. airlines have bumped up the cost of a round-trip ticket by $10. the move mean a signal the airlines are coming out of their recent economic troubles. the. and number one tonight, heads up before going out sunday morning. more than 30,000 runners and spectators are expected at the marine corps marathon. expect plenty of road closures and delays. metro is opening early at foe a.m. 24 metro bus routes will be rerout and you can find the detailed list of all the closures and changes on click on web links. brian? >> thank you, shawn. the marathon is going to be
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okay. >> it is and this is another weekend. sunday, we dry out and a 50/50 weekend again and&this is what is taking place out there. it's not bad. you get a good visibility out there, even though we have had rain pushing through. this is kind of round number one and there is going to be a little more coming through overnight tonight. max hd radar will show you that. where we are now and the heaviest of the rain passed on through and down to thsouth, coming up there into saint mary's county and saint mary's city. there is another area of enhanced rainfall here and that is fairly moderate rain moving out along. the redline represents the warm front and south of it, it's warmer -- warmer and more muggy and some of the showers are stronger along that warm front. it will stay where it is tonight and if not, move more to the north and that really keeps our temperatures pretty much on the mild and muggy side. the clouds and showers now
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overnight tonight. that is the forecast. we'll have mild lows, too, and temperatures will be only down in the low 60s or so and winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour. keep in mind, if the winds will kick up to sunrise if some of the warmer air comes on in and we could have a couple of showers as well early, early in the day tomorrow and that looks like will not of of the rain will start to move through with showers and thunderstorms. the high temperatures around 70 degrees and we'll have limited amounts of sunshine tomorrow and i think we'll have a little if we end up with more in the way of sunshine. the thunderstorms could be strong and maybe even becoming severe, too and isolated pockets along the line tomorrow. winds will be out of the south and you can see gusty, too. 15 to 25 miles an hour and it will be a breezy day tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. the max d future cast.
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gives you an idea what is taking place. at 1:00, there will be showers around and not everyone wet here. about tot west, there will be a line of thunderstorms forming around yoyew 81 and 4 or 5, we do see the lines. notice the pockets of orange and yellow, the stronger thunderstorms and the line goes all the way up by i-95 late tomorrow afternoon and evening. it quickly moves through and drier air gets in here tomorrow night and that means better news for the marine corps marathon and as we get into sunday morning, we're expecting mostly sunny conditions. the temperatures for the start of the race about 8:00 tomorrowç morning, sunday morning. cool, 48 to 52 degrees and as you go through the day, temperatures will come up into the 60s and the wind, it's not looking bad now out of the
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north-northwest at 10 to -- and theris a 50/50 weekend, showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. good for monday, too and more showers possible on tuesday and partly sunny on wednesday. there is a look at the weekend forecast. stay safe with the thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and evening. stay here, too. lend a sea coming -- lindsay's comi back with sports.
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>> good evening, for the first time in awhile, the redskins can get back to talking about foball and not their head coach's job security. this is thanks to vinny serato and this -- vinny cerrato and this statement he made on the radio this morning. >> let me start by making a few things perfectly clear. >> okay. >> jim zorn is the head coach of the washington redskins and will be for the rest of the season and hopefully into the future. that news put everyone in a good mood at practice this morning. mike sellers able to last with his newly endorsed head coach, the man who endorsed zorn, vinny cerrato was all smiles as well and moss joking with thomas. the players understand this was a big boost for everyone involved with the team. >> ient -- . >> i don't think there is a head coach can be confident what he's doing and the decisions he makes if he has concern about his job security. i think we're all happy for
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him. i think he probably understood what was happening and that was a public endorsement. >> what guy doesn't want to know his job is his job. question's a good thing and hopefully something good come out of it. >> i'm excited for coach zorn and for the team. we can move forward past all of the he-say/she-say stuff. >> if it comforts the players, awesome. >> awesome. and not all the ws was awesome. six-time pro bowler daniels has decided to sit out the remainder of the season, ffering a severe neck injury october 11th against the panthers. daniels recently returned from seeing a specialist in california and it's likely he will announce his retirement in december or january. back to monday night football. the dskins host the eagles and on our sister station my 20, kickoff at 8:30 p.m. following the game, i will join dave feldman with a wrap-up from fed ex field.
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to the college ranks, turnovers are the name of the game. the team rebounds when they face duke tomorrow on the road. they have notmentmet since 2004. they have won the last five meetings. the terps are underdogs it tomorrow. >> let's go out and have fun, get after people and play like we practiced, you know. and maybe that is the answer. you know, and we got nothing to lose right now. let's go. let'-- you like playing football, do it for real. >> and have fun. jameson had his ailing right shoulder re, valuated. the team said -- re-evaluated. he couldmis up to 13 regular- season gails and concluded it and it was ugly. on the bench, çnot looking excited to have to be there and we start in the first half. the wiz in blue after randy, the 3-pointer not exactly the standard variety. it was ugly, he banked it and the wiz by 2. the bulls up top
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to rad will -- brad meller and the alley-oop. the bulls led 41-31 at the half. gilbert arenas down the lane. the wizards are beaten by the bulls, 93-70, washington finishes the preseason at 4-4. one more redskins note, hainesworth and portis messed practice but they a go for monday night and punter hunter smith will play. brian wraps up the knowledge after this break. the edge after this break. 
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